Website Development

We will:

  • Build a new website for you. Whether you need a design or you have your own idea for a site, please request a quote for an introductory price.
  • Upgrade your existing website. That includes the addition of capabilities such as a shopping cart or the migration of the site to a new hosting provider.
  • Maintain your current website. If your site is too slow (which can affect search ranking) or has bugs, please ask about our one-off service or on-going contract support. An example of what is possible: this website’s score is in the high 90s (out of 100) as measured with Google’s speed test (click for larger image):

    Speed Test

    This compares with a score of about about 70 on our old site. You can test your site for yourself at Google’s Speed Test (results may vary according to your Internet connection).
  • Make your site responsive – that means adaptive to the device that it is being viewed on. That could require a rebuild but there might also be steps that could be taken with an existing site.